Order of the Dracul

Order of the Dragon


A history of the original Order of the Dragon.

Insignia of today's Dragon Order.

  On December 13, 1408, the fraternal aspect of the "Dragon Court" was formally reconstituted by King Sigismund von Luxemborg of Hungary during a time of political turmoil and war.  Sigismund inherited the legacy of the Dragon Court in 1397 and drew up a pact with twenty-three royals and nobels who swore to observe the "true and pure fraternity" within the "Society of the Dragon".  This later became "Ordo Dragonis" (Hungarian: Sarkany Rende - Order of the Dragon).  This new "Order of the Dragon" was an institution modeled on the Order of St. George (1318), although it was by no means a conventional Order in the recognized chivalric sense.
  Some of the other officers of the reconstituted "Court" were Sigismund's wife,
Barbara Cilli and their daughter Elzabeth.  This achieved the traditional overall standard of twenty-six members.
  The founding document stated that members of the Court could wear the insignia of a dragon curved into a circle, with a red cross.  This was based upon the original emblem of the "cup of the waters" (Rosi-crucis), which identified the Holy Grail from the time of the 4th millennium B.C.  This insignia is still in use today along with a black mantle bearing a red cross on center, back and front, while a gold dragon brooch is worn upon a braid on the left shoulder.
  Sigismund was crowned Holy Roman Emperor in 1411.  Even though the Court's origins were steeped in pre-christian lore, the Pope of the time, Gregory XII, approved Sigismund's organization.
  The main concern of the Order in those days seemed to be to help protect its region in Europe from the invading sultans of the Ottoman Empire.  Like many other orders of knights, its duties were also to protect the King and his family, defend the empire, protect widows and children, and, possibly, to propagate Catholicism.  Christianity was not supreme in countries like Hungary and Romania, which were mainly pagans.  It seems that the reason for the secrecy of the Order may have been because the ultimate aim was to gain political supremacy in Europe for the House of Luxemborg.
  Today, the Hungarian Order of the Dragon is registered at the High Court of Budapest.  The Grand Chancellor is Chev. Dr. Gyorgy von varhegyi Lehr, Court of Oberberg.  In the English speaking world the Order resides within the Protectorate of the Royal House of Stewart.  The Grand Prior in Britain is Chev. Dr. Andrew von Zsigmond, Baron de Lemheny, of the Hungarian Consulate.
  It is rumored that the aristocratic families of today's Order of the Dragon believe that their "pure blood" makes them the "genetically engineered" and chosen rulers of mankind.  They believe the natural and social order of Humankind is Fuedalism rather than Democracy as "Incompetant self-seeking, middle-class idiots more often find themselves voted in control of vast social systems".  Most believe that the concept of this "Society of the Dragon" can be traced back to the original Grand Assembly of the Annunaki in ancient Mesopotamia.  Its function is to do the "will of the Gods" as interpreted by the Dragon Court's hierarchy.

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